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The-connery cocktail cabinet copy.jpg

Cocktail Cabinets

A beautifully appointed drinks cabinet, comprising of a mirrored back panel, wine rack, internal drawers and glass shelves.


The Connery evokes a sense of glamour and occasion. A timeless feature and jewel of the kitchen, The Connery will always be a true classic.


The Hathaway is an essential storage feature that can be personalised to your requirements, needs and budget.


The Hathaway will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen.

Hathaway the chef's pantry copy.jpg
magna space the pull out.jpg

Pull out
larder units

A strong, versatile and flexible pull-out storage unit. Available in a wide range of widths and heights,


MagnaSpace will suit the needs of the most demanding of spaces and lifestyles. MagnaSpace is the alternative to expensive, out-of date and flimsy wirework pull-outs.

Wood Crate

Our new wood crate drawer units are a stylish storage idea designed to work seamlessly in classic kitchen designs.


Available in warming Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut, these stunning drawers are perfect for getting the bespoke look and bringing an overall traditional design together.

tuscan-walnut drawers with internal cutl
Wine-Drawer in tuscan walnut  copy.jpg

Wine Drawers

These stylish wine display drawers have been created to proudly present your possessions within a base unit. They're available in warming Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut and work equally well in a modern or classic setting for a bespoke look.

Boot Room

An elegant transition from outdoors to indoors. Having a dedicated space like the boot room from The Signature Collection, ensures that you and your family’s outdoor apparel remains at the ready with even a moment’s notice of a new outdoor adventure.

Available in our full palette of painted kitchen colours, with our Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut cabinet options. 

The boot-room.jpg

For our full range of

Unique Storage Options

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