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Paul has been designing locally for 17 years and has built a solid reputation within the field, ensuring he has the best local contacts to guarantee each part of your project whether big or small, is delivered to the very highest standard with unsurpassable personal customer service.


Coincidentally, Paul’s life has always revolved around the kitchen; with early memories of learning to bake with his mother or training as a patisserie chef in his native France, the kitchen has always been a vital place for creating, exploring and sharing memories. Anyone who knows Paul will vouch for his passion for celebrating any occasion, his classic apron always at the ready.


His appreciation for ‘The Kitchen” as an essential space gives Paul the sensitivity to design with the client’s needs and lifestyle as the main brief, each design reflecting functionality: balanced with style and clever design features to make your kitchen unique.


When it’s not work or food, it’s music. Paul is an accomplished percussionist who has trained with masters across the world. He regularly performs with local artists with an appreciation for all genres of music.

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